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20 December 2005


wow, a lot has happened. or at least there's a lot going on in my head. stop the madness!!!! oh, sorry, i had to tell all the voices in my head to stop momentarily so i can sort out my thoughts.

so i found out last week that i did not get the full-time position at the pool. i don't know if i'm that upset about it. sure, it would have been nice to have a full-time job, not having to worry about whether or not i'm going to get hours in the double digits this week, but i did not get the job. i still don't know who got the job, but i basically don't care anymore.

i just dropped my LGI course. i was mainly taking it because it was a preffered certification for the full-time position. sure, i'd been interested in taking it before the job came up, but i just have this moral issue with taking the class, getting reimbursed for the cost, getting a pay raise, and then quitting only a few weeks later. yes, that's right, i'm quitting.

while i don't know for sure who got the job, i have a pretty good idea. and if my notion is correct, i cannot work under that person. i already have a hard enough time working with that person. and so, once the credit card bill is paid off, i will be leaving. finally.

i tried to leave back in march, and i did leave. but circumstances beyond our control had me going back to the pool. and i'm still here. this time, i will finally leave. i'm not coming back as long as i can help it. maybe i'll lifeguard again, but not here, not this place.

anyway, moving on, josh and i have found a home group at our church. there's about 3 other young married couples there and we all seem to get along really well. we went to dinner with two of the couples on sunday night. it was a lot of fun. we had a really good time. i'm very thankful God has placed us at our church. i just love it there. i look forward to services and am upset when we have to miss a week.

well, this has become a rather long post. maybe i'll post more later today. i'm at work, where internet access is free. that's all for now.