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17 February 2006


alrighty, folks, voting has been extended for another week. the voting commission decided it was only fair to let all persons living in house of said reality show to vote. anyone who comes upon this site is welcome to vote as well. we have narrowed the selection down to five titles. they have been edited as the producers see fit. even if you have voted before, please vote again based on these final selections:

house, unincorporated
dude, where's my room?
wagon wheel manor
of chickens and goats and things
nine is not enough

again, these are the final titles. please vote for your preference. the same voting guidelines apply(see post directly below for further instruction). remember, the producers reserve the right to override the final outcome based on their creative vision. thank you.

VOTES ONLY PLEASE!! all non-votes will be deleted. thank you
-the ballot commission

03 February 2006

reality part deux

ok, so it's now it's time to vote on a title for the lund reality show. here are all the suggestions thus far.

wagon wheel manor
house of insanity
life on the lane
surviving the lunds
the real little house on the prairie
of chickens and goats and things
lane of the lunds...and guests
lund lane
dude, where's my room?
nine is not enough
six was enough
little house in the unincorporated section of dallas county

voting will end two weeks from today. how does one vote, you ask? just make a comment with the title you like best. only one vote per person per title. so, if you can't decide between two, you can vote twice, once for each title. i'm not going to post my vote, because i don't want to sway the outcome, but i will also abide by these rules. happy voting!!!