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23 June 2006


so the garage apartment is coming along. the next step is to have an electrician hook everything up. then cleaning the walls so we can texture the walls, painting, installing the last half-wall, finishing the closet, then carpeting. after that josh and i can move in and have our own space. well, at least a bedroom and living room. we still have to go into the rest of the house for the bathroom and the kitchen. not too bad.

living in the garage apartment will give us an idea of the size of place we would be able to afford in nyc. granted, a kitchen and bathroom will be packed into that same space, but it will give us an idea. i'm so excited. i'm going crazy in that tiny little room we're in. yes, dad, i know, short trip.

on another note, i had an interview with jackFM, one of the radio stations here in dallas. i would love to work for this station, considering it's about the only station i listen to anymore. i won't hear anything for another week, though. the job is only part-time, but it would be a lot of fun and add some experience. and i also got a call from a production/video company. haven't been able to get ahold of them yet. maybe i'll be able to catch them sometime next week. *sigh* keep calling until i get a response.

oh, if anyone feels the need to buy me a video camera, i'm currently praying for a canon xl2. in case anyone was wondering.


this was supposed to be posted on the 19th.....


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07 June 2006


ok, so it's a couple days late, but that's what happens with lack of internet service.

Happy 21st Birthday, Eli! now you can drink while obeying the law!! whoo-hoo!

01 June 2006

the last stand

so i went to see X3: The Last Stand, opening day. well, actually i got to see it the very first showing at 12:01 a.m. it was a lot of fun. there was this group of kids sitting in front of us. they had someone take their picture before the movie started. i just couldn't resist, i had to get in the shot. the girl whose camera it was was really cool about it. she sent me the picture.

it was a really fun time. obviously it wasn't a deep intellectual movie, but it was definitely fun.