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31 October 2006

to my beloved...


i am so blessed to have you in my life!! you are the most wonderful man i could have ever asked for! i am so lucky that i get to spend another one of your birthdays with you! have a happy day!!

new 'do

so i got my haircut today. i've been wanting to get it cut for quite some time now. i was really nervous, but at the same time very excited. see, i found a short haircut that i likes, thought was cute, and also thought matched my personality. the thing is, i haven't had short hair since the fifth grade. i know, right? it's about time! but i am also a little attached to my hair. everyone tells me how beautiful my long hair is. but i decided to go ahead and get it cut. the girl who did it did an awesome job. check it out:

my new 'do from the front, taken inside the salon....

.....and a view from the back.

this is most of my hair that was cut off.

and here i am, in the car, loving the rock 'n' roll!!!

let me know what you think of the new style!!

17 October 2006

this is for all you star wars fans