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28 May 2007

in memoriam

i wanted to take some time today and thank all the veterans and current military men and women for what you've done and what you do. whether you believe in the causes you fight for or not, you still serve our country. sometimes i take for granted how blessed i am to live in america. sure, it has it's problems, but i live in a country where i can practice my faith freely, where i don't have to be afraid to say the name Jesus, where i can worship my Maker publicly and not in secret. thanks to those who made that possible and to those who continue to fight for us. my prayers and thanks.

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23 May 2007

random factoids

so i was checking out a really cool blog i found, kpinion, and i commented and was asked these five questions by kpinion. here are my answers:

1. If you were stranded on a tropical island and found a crate with a life time supply of one food item, what would that item be? (keep in mind you will most likely be eating this item day in and day out until your rescue)

chocolate chip granola bars. though if asked this at some other point in time, it would probably be different. i figure granola bars are somewhat healthy and i could still get my chocolate fix

2. What is the playlist of your all time favorite album culled from any and all artists and genres?

gosh, this one will take me forever!! just a few, in random order(i have such a wealth of musical knowledge i have to sift through, here!)

name - goo goo dolls
take my life - third day
worlds apart - jars of clay
superstition - stevie wonder
sailing - christopher cross
someone like you - van morrison
i love to tell the story - hymn with extra chorus by me
come away - nickel and dime
obsession - david crowder* band
for what it's worth - buffalo springfield
i believe - blessid union of souls
refine me - jennifer knapp
by your side - sade
standing outside a broken phone booth with money in my hand - primitive radio gods

that's the album at this current time. i love music and have a music library over 100gb, so it's a little hard to whittle it all down to just one album. let's say this is disc one, disc two to come later...

3. Describe yourself in five words.


4. What is something about yourself that you find individualistic and you love it?

i go back and forth on this, but i would have to say my voice. most people who hear me sing tell me i have such a unique voice and that i don't sound like anybody they've ever heard before. trust me, i'm no whitney or mariah, i don't have that kind of power, but i think i can have a lot of passion in my voice. right now i'm in a period where i really do like my voice

5. What is a "most embarrasing moment" that you tell with pride?

i don't really seem to remember getting embarrassed too much. this didn't really embarrass me but i fell down the stairs at my high school graduation. not full-out smack-your-face-on-the-floor kind of fall, but more in the my-shoe-caught-on-the-cable-on-the-steps-that-really-shoulda-been-taped-
inside-the-step-so-i-lost-my-balance-but-was-able-to-recover kind of fall. i still love to tell that story, it always makes me laugh!

so there you go! now for the rest of the game.

1. leave me a comment saying, “interview me.” (or any comment at all; they tend to make my day)
2. i will comment/e-mail you with 5 questions of my choosing.
3. you then have to include your answers in an update of your blog. or if you don't have a blog, get one; they're all over.
4. you will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.
5. when others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions. and thus the cycle continues.

have fun!!

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03 May 2007

i said this while totally trying to be serious...

"i've always heard the expression 'like duck off a water's back'"

what a way to switch around words accidentally. josh and i had a good laugh about this one. again, i was totally trying to be serious.

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