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05 December 2005

busy bee

i have been a very busy person this last week. i worked, had a job interview, packed up all of my belongings, moved said belongings to two different new homes, and proceeded to unpack said belongings at one of the new homes. yes, i am finally settling in.

most boxes are unpacked, my computer is set up, and life is starting to come into a routine. well, as routine as it can be when you have a part-time job and your hours can vary from week to week.

speaking of a job interview, i think my interview for the full-time position went well. i have not been able to set up an interview for the other job, but will be atempting to do so later on this morning.

and finally, i leave you with this:

(even though it was yesterday; gimmie a break, i don't have internet access)

Don't fall off!