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24 October 2007

i miss these people

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07 October 2007

i...i...i just don't know what to say

so we saw this picture at a church in arkansas. we were there for a wedding. this just kinda makes me sad. more in the way it's done.

worship with tithes? yes, tithing is an act of worship, but there are so many other ways to worship that they could have put on the poster. like in singing, in prayer, in service, kneeling, hands raised, all other acceptable forms of worship. i must admit, it's one of the more clever ways i've seen to ask for money.

also, i didn't get there in time to take a picture, but a church near where i live had this on their marquee:
"warning: exposure to the Son may prevent burning"
i laughed so hard, while all at the same time wanting to throw up. i just find it sad that church people think things like that draw people to Christ. why not say you have air conditioning instead of "prayer conditioning"? i mean seriously. and condemning people on your signs really doesn't show them Christ's love. i could go on and on, but i'll stop now. this is just one of my big pet peeves when it comes to Christianity in america. maybe it happens in other places, too, but i've never been anywhere else.

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