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18 March 2007

a quarter of a century

that is what my age will be come this friday. i don't feel like i'm going to be 25. what i think 25 should look like is not at all what i look like. i don't know how to explain it, really, but it just feels weird. part of me still feels like a teenager, and i could go into all the psychological explanations of feeling that way because my mother died when i was a teenager and a part of my psyche will always feel and be fifteen blah, blah, blah, but i just don't feel like i'm turning 25. again, i can't really explain it, that's just how it feels.

for my birthday, josh and i are taking a long weekend and going down to houston. we're staying with one of my best friends, bethany, and we're going to visit my only surviving grandparent, my mom's mother, while we're down there. we haven't been able to go visit her since she was moved to a nursing care facility, so we'll be glad to see her.

we are also getting my present while we are down there. it's something i've designed and have been thinking about for a long time. what it is, i won't say, but i will post pictures after i return. other things i want for my birthday? well, here's a few:

a subscription to paste magazine
a flickr pro account
a video camera (i'm dreaming, i know)
i-tunes gift cards
gift cards to places like barnes and noble, circuit city
a year-long (or two or four) gym membership
anything from here

in other news, we settled our lawsuit about a month ago and came out on top. the bills are paid and we were able to get a replacement for the laptop that was trashed. we are no the proud owners of a black macbook and it has been so nice to have a laptop again. josh has been able to use it at school and i've been able to go up to starbucks and get online a lot more frequently than getting out to the library. oh, and just for the record, please don't use farmers insurance for any of your insuring needs. they were absolutely horrible to us. in fact, i wouldn't have been surprised if they tried to blame josh for sitting inside a store that their client drove his vehicle into from the way they were treating us. horrible. so please, stay away from farmers insurance.

i've discovered i've lost 10 punds so far this year. that's encouraging. my husband put his arms around my waist the other day and asked "have you lost weight?" i said i think so, 'cause i've noticed my pants fitting a little bit looser. so i weighed myself and sure enough, 10 pounds lighter than they last time. i'm on my way and i'm at a good pace for my goal. maybe i can even speed it up a little bit.

i just finished a temp job and will be looking for more work after we return from houston and after my father gets married at the end of this month. i'm also applying for some internships with some production companies in the area. if i can't get paid, maybe i can get some experience so i can get a job that does pay.

lastly, i'm going to be recording in the near future. i'm hoping to put out a cd, a small one, by the end of this year. i'll let you know more on that as it develops. well, that's about all for now. but don't worry. i'll be back soon.