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09 December 2005

job interview

so yesterday i had the most interesting job interview of my life.

i didn't get the job, in fact, i didn't really even interview for the job. the lday took one lok at my resume, said i was overqualified, then immediately starting looking for another job for me. apparently she has some contacts in the broadcast/radio and television world. and she got me in contact with one of them.

am i a little upset about not getting the job? yes, because just about anything would be better than where i am now. but i'm glad i went to the interview because now i've made a "friend" in the production world. finally! i have a contact! and the lasy was so cool; she wants me to keep in touch with her as my job search progresses. like, this lead that she got me, if it doesn't pan out, she wants me to let her know so she can lead me to another opportunity.

still no word on the full-time aquatics job. honestly, i don't know how i feel about that one. all i know is that if i don't get offered the position, i'm not staying there much longer.long enough to help pay off some bills, but that's it.

i'm now in a place where, yes, it'd be better if i had a job, but it's okay if i don't have one. in fact, not having one right now might be better for me. then i would have the time and flexibiliy to go and do odd jobs in my field, like be the coffee runner for one day at a shoot downtown. or run cables for a special event that comes up at the last minute. or fill in for a sound board operator. it'd be great to get paid for those jobs, (and i wouldn't refuse money) but if i don't get paid, that'd be okay, too. more experience, more contacts, networking is what i need. and if it gets to the point where i absolutely have to have a job, as long as i keep up my certifications, i can always get a job lifeguarding somewhere.

pray this contact i have pans out! i don't care if the only place they can use me is mopping floors, i'll do it!!