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31 January 2006

real american hero

my intelligence quotient is lower today than it was yesterday. why, you ask? because of this:

yes, that's right. we watched g.i. joe, the real american hero, last night. could there have been any more stereotypes in this source for kids' entertainment. the commentary made by those viewing was quite enjoyable, though. of course, with my lower i.q., i can't remember some of the comments made, except for one i made. the indian(excuse me, native american) character on the show was wearing a red shirt. his skin was the same color as his shirt. how wrong is that?! oh, the joys of '80s television programming!

go joe!!!

20 January 2006


ok, so someone suggested that they (no, i don't now who "they" are) make a tv show about life at the lund house. well, being a video major and having an accomplice with a video camera living right across the hall from me, a reality tv show is in the works. i'm looking for a name for the show. any suggestions?

here are a couple i came up with:

Wagon Wheel Manor
House of Insanity
Life on the Lane
Surviving the Lunds

let me know what you think!

18 January 2006

scary sightings at the pool...

....moldy bread

....the return of banana clip hair

....a british male senior citizen in a speedo(!)

it's been a scary day at work today.

fun for the ears

overheard at the Lund house:
"that's what the Last Supper would look like....minus the AK-47s."

my new term of endearment(or insult):
"baseball face!!!"
(seriously, this exact grouping of words was on the side of a building. i took a picture; i'll have to post it later)

during pictionary at lifeguarding in-service (remember, all the items to be drawn somehow relate to the pool environment):
"it's a tombstone!!!"
(i find that one funny anyway)

and now for some random quotes from my neice, judah:

"thank you, dad-dad, chicken food!"
"cold. brr."(said just as matter-of-factly as can be)

08 January 2006

every day

so i just have to say the healing process really sucks. it's nasty, painful, and completely unpleasant. but at the end of it, your wounds are healed, things are restored, your life is better, you are mended.

i'm looking forward to that day when i will be mended, healed. but i need not focus on that day in the future. if i look forward to that day when all will have been made new in me, then i forget to focus on the present day, the healing of that day, the pain i have to sort through and endure as God restores me. so i'm trying to just take one day at a time. to deal with the events of the day, the things God is going to take me through that day, what wounds will be opened, which ones will be closed up, which ones will be redressed. that's all i can deal with is one day at a time.

anyone who knows me knows music is a huge part of my life. i love listening to music, singing, playing guitar, writing music, just about anything dealing with music. you would also know that i love to worship through music. man, do i love to worship that way. i bounce around, raise my hands, dance, cry out, sing at the top of my lungs, kneel on the ground in silence, whatever i can to show God how much He means to me and how much i long to praise Him and truly give him glory. i've been listening to watermark's most recent album, the purest place, a lot lately. the songs on there have been ministering to me so much lately. the last song on the album is called mended. there's aline in there that has recently rung so true with me lately. "You are our healer, You know what's broken. we're not a mystery to you." it's so comforting to know that we don't baffle our Creator. He made all who we are. He is the one who heals us. and He is the one who knows what needs to be mended. His love is perfect. nothing is forgotten.

today is my mom's birthday. she would have been 55. as my dad says, she would have been the speed limit. today i remember my mother. i hurt without her here. i miss her so much. i know one day i won't hurt so badly. today i celebrate her. she was an amazing woman and i was blessed to even have known her. and blesed beyond anything i could imagine to have had her as my mother. i love you, mom.