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20 March 2004


This has been a very blah week. I know I haven't posted in awhile. It's just one more thing I have to do. The end of my (hopefully one and only) senior year in college is winding down, but the course work is building up. I am currently working on four video/editing projects for my one post-production class. One is due monday, the other wednesday, the next one a week from wednesday, and the other one in about a month. That's just one class.

I have a group project in my other class, a couple audio projects in another, and two more wonderful finance tests to look forward to. I love finance. (Note: use sarcastic tone when reading previous statement). On our last test, not a single person passed. Then he gives us a bell curve. So while the person who failed by only a few points gets 50 points added to his/her test, I only get 30 points added to mine, not even giving me a C. And we have another test in two weeks over three chapters. We didn't even cover half of one chapter this past monday.

It's at times like these I begin to wonder, why me? I mean, I have been working for four years to graduate in only four years. I worked hard to make sure all my credits transferred correctly so I wouldn't have to retake any classes. And now it seems as if this one class is going to keep me from that. I studied the entire weekend before my test and it did nothing. My teacher isn't even a professor, just some guy with years of business experience and negative years of teaching experience. I almost want to quit.

I'm tired of it. I'm tired of school, I'm tired of being taught book knowledge, I'm tired of being in Orlando. Though I still haven't been to Disneyworld. Instead of telling me how to use a computer-based video editing system, show me how. I'm tired of reading all about "what makes a nicely framed shot." I could do all the things a book tells me and still not have a good shot. The only way to know is to go out there and shoot. Books are fine, but hands-on, real world experience is better.

I am running sound for the news show at school and I hate it. The "talent" never gets there on time. I'm setting up all the sound equipment then I wait around to do mic checks and levels. But they don't get there when they are supposed to so I'm running around until 2 minutes before the show starts trying to fix problems and running out of time and then I get "yelled" at after the show because sound stuff wasn't right and told I need to look over my script before the show. I would if I got the script more than 15 minutes before the show and had time to look over it and fix problems. I hate news.

I'm also running sound for some live field productions, like sporting events and concerts at school. That's fun. People are there on time, doing their jobs and I'm getting real-world experience. Sure, the days are long, but they are fun. It's always different. Why can't I just be graduated already? Just let me pass finance and be done with school. I don't want to go back. Once I'm done, I'm done. Only 41 days to go. They can't come fast enough.