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26 April 2004

it's over!!!

Well, I just took my finance final. I don't know. I skipped about 10 questions, then went back to them. Hopefully I will never have to endure Business Finance ever again. I hope to never have to come back to UCF. Don't get me wrong, I've enjoyed my experience here (for the most part), but I'm ready to leave. I want to go home. The finance test is out of my hands now. I just ask that God help my answers be the right ones and that by some miracle I get a C in the class. That's all I need; a 70. Then I can go home in a week. No use worrying about it anymore. Now I can worry about other things, like finding a place to stay next week in case I don't get a C in the infernal Finance. But we'll pray that doesn't happen. The "not getting a C" thing, not the "finding a place to live, just in case" thing.

25 April 2004


wow. I can't believe it has been seven years today. At times it doesn't seem that long, at other times it seems as if it's been longer. Last year was hard because I was far away from home. This year is hard again. I'm halfway across the country from home. Both of my roommates moved out this weekend, I don't have a bed anymore (one roomie was loaning me her bunkbeds), and I have a huge final tomorrow night(prayers are GREATLY appreciated). Plus, I just really miss Mom.

If I get a C in the aforementioned class, I will be graduating on friday. I'm walking either way. This is another graduation where my mother can't see me walk across the stage. Not by sitting in the arena/auditorium anyway. Kyle and Kristen had Momma there at their high school graduations, but I didn't get that honor. They can somewhat understand where I'm coming from, but it's different for me. I just wish she were here.

I wish Momma could see all the things I've accomplished, all the video/audio projects I've done, what I look like, my boyfriend (getting her opinion on him as well), her granddaughter, her son-in-law, her daughter-in-law, Kyle, Kristen, Daddy, what all of us are doing with our lives. I wish I could just talk to her, hug her, brush her hair (a favorite memory of mine), play my music for her, and be with her. People say as the years go by, it gets easier. I think it gets harder.

My senior year in high school we had to write a paper on a memory, any memory. I wrote about the day Momma died. You can read my paper here. It's attached to my old website, which will be coming down over the summer. I can still remember everything about that day so clearly. God gave me a photographic memory. A blessing and a curse. Sometimes I wish I could forget, but I hope I never forget.

So, it's not the easiest day, but I'll get through it. Happy Bitsy Day to you all.

Momma, I love you.

22 April 2004

I'm a horrible person

Yeah, it's been a month (or more) since I blogged. I'm a horrible person. Well, maybe I'm just a horrible blogger. But these things happen when only one computer in your college apprtment can connect to the internet. Yes, my 'puter is still, in the words of my roommate Erin, "broken." It works, but things on it still don't work. Like my soundcard, modem, network card. But I can play tetris! Oh well, hopefully for graduation I will be getting a new Mac G5 (sorry Taylor) and then problems will be solved. At least that's what I'm telling my self. Joshua, if you find time this summer, let's sit down for a "blogger tutorial" so I can make this thing look like it's Katie's Blog. That would be cool. Then I would be a better blogger because I would like the way my blog looked. Oh yeah, it's all coming together. Now if only I can pass my finance class with a C....