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24 February 2004

does not compute

K, so I reformatted my hard drive cause it kept getting stupid programs on it hiding themselves from termination. Well, I don't have those little pests anymore, but apparently my computer doesn't seem to recognize that I have a sound card, a modem, or a network card. So until I get that all up and running, I have to take time and go up to the labs at school. I hate my computer.

10 February 2004

U Can't Finish = UCF

i hate school. No, really. I hate school. I only have three classes this semester. Not hard, right? Shouldn't be too bad, right? Wrong.

My video post-production class isn't so bad. Didn't do well on the test, but did well on the first project. Tests only make up like 20% of our grade, it's the projects that carry the most weight. And I tend to do well on my projects.

My media class, piece of pie. I got a 93 on the first test without even trying, and an 83 on the second. If I actually studied for that class, I would make even better grades. And studying for it isn't so hard. A couple of chapters and most of it is stuff I've heard before in my other classes.

Then there was finance. I'm the only person in my finance class (or the only person with enough guts to say so) who hasn't had a statistics class and is not a business major. My teacher is under the impression that statistics is required for the class. It's not. I checked. He even has the prerequisites listed on his syllabus and there's no statistics listed there. It's not even required for the minor.

So we get back our first test and because of a 12 point curve (to benefit, not punish, yeah right) I got a 69. That means I would have had a 47 if there was no curve. Did he teach us anything that was on that test? No! All he does is tell stories of how he married a woman 23 years younger than himself, about the time he went golfing with the CEO of International Paper Company, and so on. When he does actually talk about financial stuff, he uses terms I've never heard before, and yet won't explain them. I talked to him after class last week for about 20 minutes explaining to him that I didn't understand even half of what he was saying and asked what I could do, or if he could explain things. He said "I've found that the first 60% of the class students will struggle with the terminology." I'm thinking, if you know we won't understand what you're saying, why say it without explaining it? He also told us before the test that only 20% of the class, if that much, would get more than half of the questions right. Why give us the exam if you know most of us are going to fail?!?!

The highest score on the test (before the curve) was 28 out of 40. The lowest was 12. Average was 19. I only got 17 out of 40 right. Less than half. And that was the easiest test we were going to have? What's wrong with this man?!?!?!

So I go to the finance department today and explain that I am not understanding anything my teacher says, that he just tells stories, and he's expecting us to have had statistics. I ask if I can get switched to a different teacher's class so I can actually learn the material. It's apparently too late in the semester to do that. The said there's a help desk for this course, though. I thought great!! My teacher isn't even using the same book as all the other teachers, which is the book the people at the help desk use. I'm beginning to wondering if my teacher knows that my class is the introduction and overview to finance. Then I thought, the help desk could be beneficial, they said they could still probably figure out what's being covered in my class. But if I don't know what we need to know, how am I going to get help with those things so I can pass the class? What if the things I actually do understand isn't on the test? I feel helpless right now. I feel stupid in my class because I don't know what's going on, and I am so tired of school; I just want to be done with it.

UCF. No wonder they call it U Can't Finish.

08 February 2004

i hate windows

Somehow my Windows operating system seems to be constantly allowing programs to load themselves on my computer, making it impossible for me to access the internet from my computer. So until I wipe out my hard drive, this is the last post for a little bit. This also explains why I haven't been able to post for awhile. I need a Mac.