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12 December 2005

fun at work

i know, the title is misleading. but bear with me.

during the water aerobics classes, the seniors tend to like to have music going in the background. here are just a few selections that were played today during said classes.

"down under"....men at work (gotta love vegemite)
"everybody have fun tonight"....wang chung
"wake me up before you go-go"....wham! (i love george michael!)
"centerfold"....either captain jack or the j. geils band
"walk the dinosaur"....was(not was)
*i'm not even kidding, the name of the band has the parenthesis and everything*
"the power of love"....huey lewis and the news

and the most awesomely bad song ever...
"we built this city" by starship (that one's for you, skip)

needless to say, the music today totally rocked!