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27 July 2007


so, summer is nearing a close and it's been keeping me fairly busy. swim lessons are in full swing, and only a couple more weeks are left for the season. then we take about a 2 month hiatus until the new rec center is opened. after it's built, mind you. i've still got a couple of private lessons i'll be doing, but things are slowing down as we near the end of our busy season.

since i haven't heard back from the ad agency i interviewed with, i'm assuming i didn't et the job. it really sucks. i really do want a full-time job, but i know i don't want to sit in a cube all day long. and while i enjoy teaching/managing swim lessons, i don't think i want to be doing that the rest of my life.

on a few happy notes, i finished with counseling. some of you may remember i started on a journey back in october of 2005. here is where it all came clear to me. i have been going to counseling for a few months now and my counselor said she thought we were finished. of course i'm not always happy, and of course i still miss my mom, but i've learned how to cope and process in a healthy, God-directed way. so that is exciting.

a friend of mine has agreed to disciple me and i'm super excited about that. we're still setting up our first time and what all we will be going over, but this is such an answer to prayer. see, i had asked a woman i knew a few years ago if she would disciple me, and because of things going on in her life, it just wasn't the right time. i was a little discouraged, but i knew it wasn't anything personal. however, i haven't asked anyone since. maybe i was afraid i'd be told no again, or maybe i just gave up too soon. but God put it on my heart, and i asked, being okay with whatever the answer would be. we both prayed about it and now we are on our way.

more good news, my friend sharon and i are leading worship out in tyler on sunday. we used to lead worship together in our college group and in out worship band, philippi. we are both really excited. this is something else i've been praying about, an opportunity to lead worship somewhere again, whether as the lead worshipper or just a part of a team. well, i get to do both. we are trading off leading out. i can't really describe it, but it just feels so good and right to be doing this again. like she and i are supposed to be doing this.

i've also been doing a little more photography. my bro-in-law went to prom with a friend a couple months ago, so i took my gear over and we did pictures in the house. i also am taking my youngest bro-in-law's senior pictures. we finally got around to do one shoot, during the week it wasn't raining here and we were both available. i'm also going to be taking more pictures of the hill family. we haven't scheduled that yet, though. "special k" is already 7 months old. i can't believe it. we need some updated pictures of him. and i'll also be scouting locations and taking pictures for my production company's upcoming film. i really want to save up for a better still camera. but i also want to save up for a video camera, too. decisions, decisions.

well, that's about it for now. more to come later!

13 July 2007

one of my favorite bands EVER

so the goo goo dolls have a new song out. it's from transformers. i love these guys. josh and i hope to go see them at the end of august, but we're not sure if we can afford it. i've wanted to see them live for a loooooong time. eventually. *sigh* enjoy the video!

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