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05 November 2005

xanga for thought

i was on rachel's xanga site and i started looking at all the people who have subscriptions to her site. i clicked on the links to their xanga sites and was amazed to see how many people i recognized from houston and cfbc. i sometimes wish i had kept in better touch with some of these people. since i moved right before my senior year, while i made many trips to visit and did stuff in the summer with my old youth group, i still missed out on a very important year of friendships. i didn't get to find out where everyone was going to school, or come home on Christmas break and hang out. to see that they all still keep in touch to a certain degree is kind of bittersweet for me.

see, i'm glad they have been able to keep in touch with each other, but i just wish i had been able to keep in touch with them as well. it's weird; i was a leader in the youth group, then i move and it's like i became disconnected with most of them. not because we all had a big falling out or anything, it just happened.

while i know reconnecting with all of them is basically impossible, i would still like to get in touch with them. i made a xanga with a link to this site(since this is my primary weblog), so i have the ability to subscribe to their sites. i just hope they remember me.