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05 November 2005

google fun part 1

okay, so i got this off a friend's blog, who got it off another friend's blog. i'm sure this has been going from blog to blog for awhile now. but anyway, here it is.

go to google and type " 'your name' needs"

make sure you use the quotes. for example, mine would be "katie needs"

see what comes up for you and tell me about it. here's just a taste of what i found.

katie needs a wand. possibly because she is missing out on a certain part of life that requires the use of a wand
(so that's what i've been missing!!)

katie needs a swift kick in the butt
(can't argue with that one)

katie needs to nap more during the day

katie needs haikus
(you know, i didn't know that's what i needed)

katie needs to hit Carl over the head with that cow bell of his
(sounds like carl needs it)

katie needs a real man, not someone who believes in aliens and acts as though those very aliens gave him an honorary degree in psychiatry!
(how true!!)

katie needs IV fluids
(dr pepper, just give it to me through the veins)

katie needs no deheading
(i actually would like to keep my head, though i don't know why this statement needed to be made in the first place)

have fun!!!