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09 November 2005


so i have my cpr for the professional rescuer challenge this afternoon. if i don't pass...well, honestly i don't know what will happen if i don't pass. i've passed every other time. i can't see necessarily losing my job, but maybe having to take the entire course again. anywho, i'm really not that nervous about it. the skills, i know i have those down. what concerns me is the written exam. yes, i've taken it several times (i have to renew my cpr every year), but sometimes some of the questions can be very confusing, sometimes ambiguous. and there's one question i almost always miss. it has to deal with the use of a bag-valve mask. we don't have those at work, so it's not something that we continually go over. i should be fine, though. and if all goes well, after today, if you are ever in a breathing/choking/no pulse emergency, i'm there to help. stay safe!

***** update: I PASSED!!!! *****
i am now certified to admister cpr to those in need! yea me!! and i only missed 1 question. just one! i'm so proud of myself!! is that ok?