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07 April 2005


Beauxquitah: my butt hurts like crazy, though
SLPnFalDwn: "shake shake shake..."
Beauxquitah: no, that hurts too much
SLPnFalDwn: hmmm... do they have any pillows to check out?
Beauxquitah: nope
SLPnFalDwn: darn
Beauxquitah: I should bring one of those donut things, though right?
SLPnFalDwn: as long as your butt doesn't mistake it for a toilet
SLPnFalDwn: ewww... that's gross
SLPnFalDwn: why did i type that?
Beauxquitah: i don't know
SLPnFalDwn: i should have read it before i hit enter... because as soon as i did... i cringed
Beauxquitah: yeah, me too

gosh i miss IM