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05 April 2005

Defensive driving (and other stuff)

So I'm taking an online defensive driving course for a ticket dismissal. It's alright. Some of it seems like Dr. Phil is teaching the course, but hey, whatever saves me the cost of the ticket. I just need to get it done!

Oh yeah. A little update for everyone (in case you didn't already know). I got engaged in November. Yeah, it's pretty cool. The wedding is in just under a month. May 7, to be exact. I'm so excited! I love Josh so much and am so looking forward to us spending the rest of our lives together.

I've also quit my job for the city, only to apply for another job for the city. This job would actually let me use my degree, though. It's for a part time video producer position. Hopefully I'll get it, or some job that uses my degree. Prayers for jobs for both Josh and me would be very helpful. He has a job, but it doesn't pay the greatest. It's enough to squeak by, pending nothing major happens, like car repairs. So yeah, prayers for us are greatly appreciated. It'll all work out somehow, I just know it.