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18 April 2006

apples and oranges

anyone who knows me well knows that one of my favorite places (even though i've only been there once) is new york city. the big apple. the alphabet city. it's been almost a decade since i visited nyc for the first and only time (so far, anyway). i absolutely loved it. in fact, any time i see a movie or television show set in new york, especially ones that are actually filmed there, i get this fuzzy feeling. the city really seems to have an emotion about it. i've wanted to move there for a few years now.

josh and i have been talking. we both know we don't really want to stay here much longer. this summer, funds permitting, we're planning a trip to the west coast, a place neither of us has been. well, i went to seattle on a mission trip, but we've never been to california. we want to go to the los angeles area to check it out. basically, we're going to try to decide whether to move to nyc or the l.a. area in the next couple of years, when we have the money to move.

i've been looking for jobs in the new york and los angeles areas. the thing is, the stuff i'm qualified for is either lo/no paid. that'd be fine if josh or i already had a job lined up out there. hopefully one of us will find something out there in the time frame we are looking at. until then, i'm still looking for any opportunities to work in the the entertainment industry, paid or not. if you know of anyone who needs a production assistant, or anything technical in the movie/television/radio world, let me know. give them my name, too.