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29 April 2006

interesting happenings at starbucks

so, i haven't been online much in the last week, and there's a funny story as to why.
well, maybe not so funny.

josh and i have an account at starbucks. you know, the t-mobile internet account. that's usually how we get online, by use of that service and our powerbook laptop. well, we no longer have a working powerbook. we also have not had a fully functional starbucks, the one josh works at, to go to to get online. sure, we can go to basically any starbucks and get online, but that's not the funny part.

last week, on thursday, april 20, 2006, josh was minding his own business up at his starbucks. he was not working, but had taken the laptop up there to get online. suddenly, the chair he was sitting in is turned about 90 degrees, the laptop thrown from his lap, and him facing a ford expedition now parked entirely inside the store. oh yeah, his store does not have a drive-thru.

that's right, an suv drove through the glass and into the starbucks store, making a complete mess of half of the store. luckily, the only person remotely in the way of the expedition was josh, and the chair he was sitting in took most of the blow from the vehicle, followed by his body.

we think the car may have hit josh's leg, and obviously because his chair was suddenly turned, his body is quite sore. his hips kinda got twisted, and his back is still real sore. the only other injuries he or anyone else received were some cuts and scrapes due to flying glass.

this event is totally a miracle. the suv busted through many tables and chairs, and went straight through the bar and settled in the back corner of the store. i usually sit at that bar. i never move from that bar except to go to the bathroom or leave. the sinks and sanitizer are located behind the bar, as is the coffee grinder and some other things for store use. it is a rare occurrence that nobody is in that area, whether behind the bar, sitting at it, or in front of it. the exact moment the expedition came crashing through was on such rare occurrence.

apparently the driver was experience a seizure as he came crashing into the store. there have been various reports as to where he came from, but i don't think we'll ever really know what happened before he came crashing into the store.

i'll post more later on this, with my own pictures i took when i went up to meet josh after he told me what had happened. he's doing okay. he had to miss a week of work because of injuries, and now we're dealing with the driver's insurance company for medical bills, property damage, and lost wages. that's quite a headache. prayers in this matter would be greatly appreciated, especially since we may need to get a lawyer. the important thing is josh is okay, no one got seriously hurt, and only the driver was taken to the hospital, mostly due to the seizure and not the crash itself. i will leave you with a picture from one of the news websites.