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29 April 2006

tag, i'm it

okay, so bethany tagged me. here goes nothing.

four jobs i've had
* lifeguard (at pools, waterparks and waterfronts)
* camp staff
* florist
* retail third key associate (it's a management position

four movies i can watch over and over again
* high fidelity
* someone like you
* ocean's 11/12
* center stage

four tv shows i watch
* csi
* without a trace
* everyday italian(when i have cable, or have access to cable
* friends (it's still on television, just not new episodes)

four places i've been on vacation
* nyc
* orlando
* boston
* galveston

four dishes i never get sick of
* dinner plate
* glass
* salad bowl
* cereal bowl
okay, i'll be serious
* anything chick-fil-a
* chipotle soft chicken tacos
* fajitas
* steak, especially my daddy's

four websites i visit daily(more like whenever i can get online)
* yahoo!mail
* myspace
* blogger/blogspot
* flickr

four places i'd rather be right now
* nyc
* los angeles
* anywhere in italy (please, oh please)
* asleep in bed

four people i tag
* josh
* kristen
* lindsay
* cat