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01 March 2006

free at last


is my last day

of work


can you tell i'm just a bit excited about that? well, if you couldn't tell, i am very excited. no more getting up at 5 in the morning to go to work. ahh, sleeping in past sunrise! i can't wait until tomorrow.

somebody asked if i was going to miss it. my answer: not really.
do i enjoy lifeguarding? yes.
do i enjoy working here after being out of college for nearly two years? no

i guess there is one thing i'm going to miss. other than a paycheck. see, there's this older couple (it's a senior citizen pool of course) who come in just about every tuesday and thursday during the free swim time. the husband doesn't get in the water, but his wife does. they treat each other so well. she has to walk with a cane. he walks her to the locker room and opens the door for her. while she's changing he gets the water equipment she'll use and sets it on the side of the pool. then he sits and waits for her, always with a smile on his face. while she's exercising, he'll go into the senior center, but always makes it back before she gets finished. when she get out of the pool, he's waiting by the pool stairs for her, ready to wrap a towel around his wife. he escorts her to the locker room once again, then puts away her equipment.

watching the two of them, i can really see how much they love each other, and the way they serve each other is so evident. it's given me a picture of what a good marriage is in your senior years. i hope josh and i are like that when we're their age.

other than that couple, there's not really much i'm going to miss. i am still very glad it is my last day at work! here's to goofing off at home for awhile!!!