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06 March 2006

and we have a name.....

this is the moment you've all been waiting for. the reality show has a name.

the votes were counted. then al gore demanded *coughs*, excuse me, requested, a recount. the absentee ballots had to be gathered and logged and the ballot commission had a problem determining voter intent due to dimpled chads.(and pregnant chads)(and hanging chads)(and other assorted chads)(if your name is chad, i'm very sorry)

all that said, the producers had a meeting and studied and analyzed the results, and we scientifically found the name for the reality show.

*drumroll please*

WAGON WHEEL MANOR!!!!!!! *crowd stands and cheers, applauding the winner as he makes his way to the stage to receive his oscar* wait, wrong award.

thanks to all the voters and all those who gave their suggestions. it really was a close race. now, once the other half of the production team is done with work, and the equipment is fixed, filming shall begin. i know you all can't wait.