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25 March 2006

eventful few weeks

so i have been neglecting my blogging community. a lot has happened in the last couple weeks and i've wanted to blog about it, but the stories so needed the pictures to go along with them. i'll start with last thursday.

i went to lunch with sharon and lindsay. we went to stuie's, a kosher restaurant in dallas/richardson area. i think that's where it is. here are sharon and lindsay, respectively.

we had a blast. we acted like little kids playing with our food. here are some examples:
lindsay had fun with the lemon from her water,

sharon thought a celery moustache would be cute

and i thought i would try to smoke a french fry.

so we were having a good time, then sharon started to not feel so well. allergies or something. i caught her sneezing on camera with my continuous shot feature. here it is:

okay, so we were just having fun with the coleslaw. i guess we were being a little too loud, because the manager kept staring at us, probably hoping we would shut up. i decided to take a preemptive strike and shut myself up.

needless to say, we had a lot of fun. i left that afternoon to go down to houston to visit my dear friend bethany. we had such a good time. we went to the waterwall near the galleria. here's a few pics of the place, both during the day and at night. when we were there at night, there was this really cute couple and i got a priceless, if a little cheesy, picture.

after the waterwall we went to katz's deli, a kosher-style deli in h-town.

we ordered the most amazing dessert after dinner. it's called "strawberry therapy". oh. my. goodness. it was one of the best things i've eaten all year.

we devoured that thing like nobody's business. after dinner we went back to bethany's house and had margaritas.

okay, so we just put promised land chocolate milk in margarita glasses. there's no better way to drink it.

so, that was last week/weekend. my birthday was this last thursday, the 23rd, and josh took me down to waco to the dr pepper museum. but i'll save that for another blog post, once i get the pictures up from that.