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12 May 2005

i'm married!!

I'M MARRIED!!!!!!!!

That's right, folks, I got myself a husband! Gosh, that's so weird. It's weird in a good way. I've never been able to say "I have a husband" before, but now I do, and I can! It's still all just a little weird.

I cannot describe what it feels lke to be standing behind the chapel doors, my arm looped through my fathers, waiting for the doors to open, revealing my groom waiting for me at the altar. It was so surreal. I remember standing there, thinking "this is really happening? it doesn't feel real." But the good news is it was real and now I'm a wife!

People have asked me "so how's married life?" My response? It's weird. It doesn't really feel that different, except that now, Josh doesn't have to leave to go back to hs house, nor do I have to leave and go back to mine. I guess we kind of have this idea in our heads that marriage is going to be so different from what you're used to. I guess that's partly true. But Josh and I spent so much time together before we got married, that it doesn't feel that much different. It feels right.

The wedding turned out beautifully. There weren't any real problems. We said the right names, we had the rings, we wrote our own vows. But there was one tiny problem. The people who set up the chapel forgot to put out the bread and juice for our communion! The plate was there, the cup was there, but there was nothing to partake of! So what did we do? We faked it. We prayed (for real), but when it came time to eat and drink, I reverted back to my theatre days of pantomime. Other than that, everything went great. The reception was wonderful, food was good, and the weather was perfect!! God totally blessed us that day, allowing everything to go smoothly and the weather to cooperate with our plans.

I am so happy. I now have a husband!!