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23 May 2005


so i've been married for over two weeks now, and i think i'm finally starting to adjust. it's still weird living with another person. sure i've had roommates before, but never a male roommate. but i have to say, God is very cool. He created this whole marriage thing and it's great! still a little weird, but nonetheless, very cool.

josh and i just got plano library cards. after all, we live in the city now, so we figured we'd get a library card and check out books for free instead of blowing all his hard earned money at barnes and noble, or some other bookstore. and that's where i am right now. we're too poor to afford internet access right now, so i am taking advantage of free high-speed internet. hopefully this will encourage me to get out of the apartment more so i can come on here and blog more often. but for now, i'm a happily married 23 year old with no job. life is great!