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26 May 2005

the aftermath

josh went into work today. not to deliver anymore water, but to settle things with regard to the accident. we are both doing much better physically today than yesterday. my bruising is looking prettier, or a lot worse, depending on your point of view. we did get some bad news today, though. apparently josh will no longer be able to drive for the company because the insurance won't cover him anymore. there also isn't anything available at the plant for him full time. his boss is gracious enough to let him work in the plant for two weeks, but after that, he's out of a job. i don't currently have a job. i went on an interview last week, but found out from the friend who got me the interview that i didn't get the job.

i called my old boss for the city today. he was keeping me on payroll in case, well, i don't even know in case of what, but maybe it's in case of this. there's a possibility that he can take me back working, and possibly make me a pool manager. not the greatest job, but it would give me full time hours during the summer at least, and would be a nice pay raise compared to what i was making when i left. and he said i could probably stay indoors at the senior pool. don't get me wrong, i enjoy working outside during the summer and getting a nice tan, but when you're outside in the sun for 8 hours a day, it just drains you. so anyway, at least there's that possibility of having a job during the summer that is "full time" while josh tries to find a job.

i haven't really completely organized my thoughts on this whole situation. when i heard the news from my husband, i wanted to cry, but if i did it would have hurt my nose a whole heck of a lot. who knew that someone who had been a perfect driver for the company for 4 or 5 years would be dropped after getting into one accident? you'd think the previous good driving would count for something. oh well.

when you're getting married, you think about what your married life will be like and feel like for those first few months. i never thought that within one month of getting married my husband would lose his job. God took care of us in the accident, and i know He's got something planned for us, but it's so hard to see right now. all i can see is the rent that's due in a few days, the utility bills, the credit card bill(which luckily won't be too bad since we hardly use it), and all these other things that we're responsible for. please pray for us as we try to figure out how we're gonna make it. just pray.