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08 August 2005

just keep swimming

so i'm teaching swim lessons again. it's ok. it's not so much that i mind teaching lessons, cause i don't, but it's my first session this summer and i know it's different than last summer because there's a new person in charge. but i feel like i've kinda been thrown into it without knowing what's going on. for instance, we have one day that is reserved as "safety day." well, i remember what we did last year, but this year is slightly different. instead of telling me what i'm supposed to go over with my students, i'm just kinda thrown into it, hoping i cover everything my boss wants me to cover. i guess my main thing is it would be nice to know what's expected of me. not only in what i'm supposed to teach, but what i'm supposed to do. am i grading my students this year, or is someone else coming around to evaluate? it can just be alittle frustrating.

so as much as i don't want to be working as a lifeguard for the city anymore, i really need a better paying job. so, i called about a job opening for swim instructors and lifeguards at Texins. i don't know if it pays better, but it's attached to Texas Instruments, so i'm guessing it pays at least as well as i'm making now.so, hopefully i'll get the job and it will pay better. i really want to get away from working for the city. as i've said before, i'm the oldest person there and lately i've felt my maturity level drop when i'm at work. it gets kinda frustrating.

josh got a job with Starbucks and started working last week. once his hours pick up, i'll be able to cut down on my hours at the city, or wherever i'm working at that time. i still really want to go into the entertainment field, but for now i'm having to put that on hold. and that's a whole other post in itself. there's so many things i want ot post about, but right now i just haven't the time. maybe next week when things slow down at work.