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26 April 2004

it's over!!!

Well, I just took my finance final. I don't know. I skipped about 10 questions, then went back to them. Hopefully I will never have to endure Business Finance ever again. I hope to never have to come back to UCF. Don't get me wrong, I've enjoyed my experience here (for the most part), but I'm ready to leave. I want to go home. The finance test is out of my hands now. I just ask that God help my answers be the right ones and that by some miracle I get a C in the class. That's all I need; a 70. Then I can go home in a week. No use worrying about it anymore. Now I can worry about other things, like finding a place to stay next week in case I don't get a C in the infernal Finance. But we'll pray that doesn't happen. The "not getting a C" thing, not the "finding a place to live, just in case" thing.