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22 April 2004

I'm a horrible person

Yeah, it's been a month (or more) since I blogged. I'm a horrible person. Well, maybe I'm just a horrible blogger. But these things happen when only one computer in your college apprtment can connect to the internet. Yes, my 'puter is still, in the words of my roommate Erin, "broken." It works, but things on it still don't work. Like my soundcard, modem, network card. But I can play tetris! Oh well, hopefully for graduation I will be getting a new Mac G5 (sorry Taylor) and then problems will be solved. At least that's what I'm telling my self. Joshua, if you find time this summer, let's sit down for a "blogger tutorial" so I can make this thing look like it's Katie's Blog. That would be cool. Then I would be a better blogger because I would like the way my blog looked. Oh yeah, it's all coming together. Now if only I can pass my finance class with a C....