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10 December 2008

quick rants

note to hollywood type directors and such: please stop making every character from texas with terribly thick accents. there are several of us who have no such accent. thou we still say y'all. it's our right as non-accent bearing texans.

note to drivers (ok, more like notes, plural): when turning left, if you have a designated left turn lane, please use it. and please move into it all the way, as soon as it opens up, not at the very last second.
use your turn signal when turning or changing lanes. it's not a decorative feature for christmas time, it has an actual function.
please come to a complete stop at stop signs, especially when there are crosswalks. it's called a "stop" sign, not a slow down and proceed without caution sign.
go the speed limit in school zones. the lowered, school zone speed limit. is where you're going so important to put children's lives in danger? can't it wait another 47 seconds?
get off my tail when we're sitting at a red light. i can't go anywhere and you inching up on my rear bumper isn't going to change that.
i'm sure there are more, but those will come at a later date.

note to shoppers: the employees are people, too. they make mistakes sometimes. and sometimes registers and computers go down or end up taking a long time. are you really in that much of a hurry?

note to employees: there's this thing called customer service. it usually involves smiling and saying hi to customers and trying to help them, not ignoring them and acting like you wish they would go away (it's ok to wish they would go away, but do it with a smile on your face). try it sometime, you might be surprised at the results.

note to the clothing industry: please make women's clothes in colors other than pastel. they don't look good on everybody. stop acting like they do. and also, make clothes for real sized people. your clothes don't even fit on mannequins (i see the safety pins in the back). and give us some modest clothing, please. there are some of us who only wish our husbands to see certain parts of us.

thank you. that is all for now.

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