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21 August 2006


i'm an aunt!! again!! Killian Elijah Rudd was born on august 17, and is as perfect as can be. check out my sister's blog for photos and all the stats. Killian, your aunt katie and uncle josh can't wait to see you!!!

in other news, the apartment is nearing completion. all the walls are painted, carpet is put down, and most of the baseboard is in. the last things are building the shelves in the closet and half-walls, putting in closet rods and baseboards in the closet, then hooking up the electrical. now that the carpet is put down, we can go ahead and move in some of our stuff; like our tv, futon, chair, that sort of thing. hopefully the last few things won't take too long and we can be completely moved in there!! oh, to have our own space again!! so happy!!

other interesting happenings at the house, we have a mink. yes, the kind coats are made out of. no, not as a pet. actually, this little mink has been killing off the chickens. we've lost 15 birds in less than two weeks. the game warden came out today, so hopefully we'll finally catch the little thing. pretty as anything, but when he's killed about half your flock, time to take action.

in other news, my church has started a grief support recovery group. it started this past wednesday, and i went. it was really good. it's led by a guy who works at the center for christian counseling here in north texas, and it was really neat. everyone there has a different story. i'm going back this week and plan to keep going back.

nothing concrete on the job front, but i may be getting an interview to do some high school football remote shoots. we'll see. i think it'd be a lot of fun, but who knows.

that's it for now. more to come soon!