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01 October 2005

a mildly traumatic event

so i underwent a mildly traumatic event yesterday. i'm ok, don't worry, but i'm still trying to recover.

many of you know that i have straight, brown hair, and it's generally been very long. i had short, short hair in elementary school, and a little into middle school. but since my seventh grade year, i haven't hair "short" hair. my hair has always been classified as long. even when i cut off nearly 8 inches last summer, it was still a few inches below my shoulders.

yesterday i went to get my hair cut. i usually will wait until after summer since the past five summers or so i've been lifeguarding. the sun mixed with the chlorine or lake water can really damage my hair, especially the ends. they always turn dead by the end of summer. there's no point in cutting my hair during the summer, since the new ends would die. so i wait until i'm out of the sun and pool. well, yesterday was time.

i lost about a foot of hair. yep, that's right. i had a professional, jason, chop off at least 12 inches. that was just the preliminary cut. he tied my hair back with a rubber band, and snipped right above it. my heart was racing as i felt the scissors snipping my locks off. he handed me the mass of hair and i stared at it in shock. yes, this is what i asked for, but it was still slightly traumatic. i put my old hair into a ziplock bag and then we walked over to the sink, where the rest of my haircut experience continued.

needless to say, my hair actually looks cute. i didn't completely like the way jason styled it, but my husband loved the way it looked. the stlye didn't feel like it fit my personality. my hair hits just at my shoulders, maybe slightly below, and is layered. i now have less than half the amount of hair i had before. it's weird. by hairstyle standards, my hair is still "long", or at least medium-length to long. but to me it looks sooooooo short. what am i going to do with over a foot of hair in my possession? well, i'm going to donate it. i don't know where just yet, i'm looking up places that take hair donations. as soon as i know who i'm donating to, i'll post that information.

i'm dealing with the event well. my head feels so different. with time, i'm sure i will recover. but it was still mildly traumatic. at least for me.