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13 September 2005

"get used to disappointment"

so i called the city of rowlett today. they already filled the position of video producer. i didn't get the job.

it's very disappointing. this is what i went to school for. thisis what my college degree is in. this is something that i really enjoy doing. yet i can't seemto get a job doing it.

thecity of mckinney, which i currently work for, has opened up the part-time video producer position again. i applied for it back in april, and had an interview, but didn't get it. so i'm gonna apply again. it's a job in my field. even though it might not be my favorite thing, it'll help add some experience to my resume. maybe if they see that i'm reapplying, they might figure i'll do a good job. cause i know i'll do a great job.

maybe something will turn up. i just keep hearing wesley from the princess bride: "get used to disappointment"