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22 June 2005


I watched the sun rise today. It wasn't a special day or anything, but the sun starts to rise when I'm on my way to work. Lately, this event hasn't been anything spectacular. It's either been stormy and overcast, or just bright and blue. But today it was beautiful. It reminded me of when I was little.

We used to take family vacations to Galveston. We would stay at, I believe it was the Galyan, and I remember our "room" would always consist of these things: a main bedroom, two bunk beds built into the wall, a kitchen, a living area with a hide-a-bed, and an ocean-view balcony. Well, technically it was a gulf-view, but to me it will always be an ocean view.

Mom and Dad would stay in the main bedroom, while my brother, sister and I would take turns in the bunks and on the hide-a-bed. And whenever I would sleep on the hide-a-bed, that following morning Momma and I would get up early and watch the sun rise. Sometimes I was awake first, sometimes she would come and wake me up, and sometimes I'd wake up to her moving around in the kitchen. We would sit on the balcony, watching the sun come up over the ocean. This morning looked like one of those sunrises Momma and I would share.

I don't know why I noticed it so much this morning. For the past year I've been at work before the sun comes up, and there have been some gorgeous sunrises. But today was different. I don't know how, but it was. Just different.